dilluns, 20 de juny de 2016

Passive vs. Reported Speech

It is now time to complicate things a little bit. We have been working on the passive and we have also been working on reported speech. Some of you still confuse them and, to avoid that, these exercises have been created for you. 

Copy them in an entry in your blog called "Passive and Reported Speech" and solve them. 

IDENTIFY if the following sentences are passive or reported speech. Underline the verb forms of the sentences. 

1. Gina said she would never use a computer.
2. A computer has never been used by Gina.
3. A message was being written to Steve.
4. The message said that he was a very handsome boy.
5. Christian asked Mary if she had changed her telephone number.
6. Mary's telephone number had been changed.
7. Markus heard Lisa saying that she wanted a new tablet.
8.  Lisa's old tablet was broken by accident. 

Now answer this question: What is the main difference in the form? 

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