dijous, 9 de juny de 2016

Session 2. Activity 1

Dear students, 

Please follow the link below and read all the interesting things in there. 


Once you have read it (and maybe taken some notes), please complete the following exercise and post it in your blog in a new entry. Call the entry "Reported Speech". 

EXERCISE 1: Transform the following sentences into reported speech.

Example: “I can’t afford this expensive tablet” said Gina
                  Gina said she couldn’t afford that expensive tablet.

“My daughter got her first tablet when she was 12” said Mary.

“Tablets are useful for office workers because they are more interactive” experts say.

“Have you seen the new tablet John has bought?” asked Susan.

 “What kind of tablet are you looking for?” asked the shop assistant.

"I have bought a very expensive tablet” said Peter.

  Christian told Mary “Stop playing with this tablet and listen to me!”


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