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Session 3. Activity 2

Now that we have found some examples on the passive sentences, click on the link and read more about passive (it is important to refresh your memory!). 


After reading it, do the following exercices on passive so that we do not forget how it works. Copy these exercises on your blog  in an entry called "Passive" and provide the answers.

Exercise 1. Transform these sentences into passive. BE CAREFUL! In some cases two options are possible. Write both of them.

1. John has bought a computer.

2. Tiara played a new computer game. 
3. Peter is surfing the internet.
4. They wrote Emma an e-mail.
5. Ainara uses the online dictionary,
6. Molly lent Steve her PC two days ago.  
7. A lot of people uses Facebook.
8. Frank can write e-mails very quickly.  

Exercise 2. Identify if the following sentences are passive or active. 

1. My mouse has been broken.

2. The keyboard doesn't work properly.
3. The computer fell down from the table.
4. It is possible to create a webpage without help.
5. Computers nowadays are quicker.
6. A laptop had been forgotten in the school's library.
7. The wire is being connected by Brittany.
8. The shop was being closed at 8:00pm. 

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