dimarts, 21 de juny de 2016

What would I do without...

Read the following text about three different people talking about social networks. Once you have read it, do the exercises the teacher has given you. 

Lisa, 16.
I have had Facebook since I was 13. I think it is a very useful tool as I use it for lots of things: it is not only about my social life. I also use it to work online with my classmates and it is very useful if you want to know the homework. In addition, I can understand all the jokes they say in class, as normally they are related to things that are on Facebook. 

John, 17.
I am a Twitter user since I was 15. At first, I didn’t know how it worked and so I left it aside. After a while, I went online again and I started to discover how Twitter works. I installed it in my smartphone and I use it daily. I have met lots of people there, specially some friends who like the same online game as me. Now we play together and we have created a team. I have also lots of fun in Twitter, as people tell a lot of jokes. 

Rita, 46.

I wasn’t very keen on smartphones. In fact, I did not understand how my daughter could spend hours talking on the telephone. Then, I bought myself a smartphone and my daughter installed Whatsapp. Since then, I have been using Whatsapp daily. I use it to talk to my friends and to send them nice videos. It is also useful to talk with my sister, who lives far away. I am also able to have pictures from my little niece, who is growing up very fast!

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